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Coming Early 2023

Find metrics on private deals.

WhisperMetrics is an invite-only platform for anonymously sharing metrics on private company deals, including:

  • Deal sizes
  • Valuation multiples
  • Company financials
  • Lending terms
Apply To JoinHow It Works

How It Works

Anonymously share metrics on a deal.

View metrics for other private deals.


Share anonymously.

Anonymously share metrics on deals you know about.

Earn points.

You receive a point for every metric you contribute for a deal.

View metrics for other private deals.

Use your points to view metrics on other private deals.

Private Deal Data

Detailed middle market intelligence.

7 metrics for private company deals shared by other members.

  • Enterprise Value
  • LTM Revenue
  • EV to Revenue
  • EV to EBITDA
  • Sr. Debt to EBITDA
  • Jr. Debt to EBITDA
Apply To Join

Apply To Join

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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is WhisperMetrics?

WhisperMetrics is an invite-only network for sharing non-confidential information on private company transactions.

Why do I need WhisperMetrics?

Less than 2% of private company deals disclose some level of financial terms which leaves 98% with no data available publicly. WhisperMetrics fills in the information gaps by harnessing the power of the middle market community to collect key details on these private company transactions.

How is WhisperMetrics a free service?

WhisperMetrics will always be 100% free to use under the member-contribution model. WhisperMetrics is owned by TagniFi, a financial data platform for the middle market. TagniFi uses the WhisperMetrics data to enhance the M&A transaction data on its platform.

Are my deals anonymous on WhisperMetrics?

Yes, your identity remains anonymous for every deal you submit to WhisperMetrics. In addition, your email address is hashed (like a password) so only you can view it.

Who owns WhisperMetrics?

WhisperMetrics is owned by TagniFi, a data platform for the middle market.

How do I request an invitation to join WhisperMetrics?

Invitations can only be extended by current members of the WhisperMetrics community.

Can I contribute data on transactions I was not directly involved in?

Yes, you can earn credit for contributing data on transactions even if you were not directly involved in the deals.

How accurate is the WhisperMetrics data?

WhisperMetrics is very accurate. Every contribution is statistically reviewed and compared against other contributions to verify accuracy.

Do my WhisperMetrics points roll over?

Yes, your points roll over for as long as you are a member.

Can I contribute data covered under an NDA?

No, we do not accept contributions if you are prohibited from disclosing transaction data under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Will I receive credit if the deal data is already public?

No, to receive credit, you must contribute metrics that are not already publicly available. If we do not have the metrics you are contributing attached to a deal, you will receive credit.

Can I contribute data on transactions involving publicly traded companies?

No, to prevent the sharing of material non-public information, we do not accept data on transactions involving public companies.

Can I contribute data on transactions that have not yet been announced?

No, we only accept information on deals that have been publicly announced.